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This system is designed for a safe and reliable docking for different types of vehicles, including forklifts, bucket trucks, ambulances etc. It’s installing is very easy. When connecting the peripherals to the Hammerhead, start by placing the computer on the alignment pins, then move the unit back and turn down the retaining latch.

Compact design for close spaces

One-piece aluminum body construction for added reliability

Printed circuit boards, not discrete wires

Built-in noise-reduction and surge protection

No adjustments, ever, for docking alignment

Built-in tilt swivel functionality

Spring-loaded turn-down latch for positive docking connection

Push button key lock (key only needed to unlock unit)

Legacy Compatibility

2 serial, 1 parallel, 1 USB, and 2 keyboard connectors

Built-in power conditioner boosts low input voltage for a vehicle to the ideal charging level

Built-in keyboard tray with adjustable angle

EFI tested

Breakout box with 6′ cable for convenient installation of permanent connections

Full-size standard connectors

Easy to mount with standard bases from all major mount manufacturers

Airbag compliant installation

Full warranty