Highly Rugged Tablet Computer

• Milled from a solid block of aluminum chosen for its optimal strength, cooling proficiency and corrosion resistant properties

• Fully sealed (vacuum tested), moisture and dust proof

• Rugged enough to handle shock, vibration, weather, dirt, humidity, liquid spills, and damaging chemicals

• Intel Pentium III 400 MHz Processor

• MS Windows 98 Operating System    (Windows 2000 available)

• Touch or Active Electronic Pen

• 10.4″ 800 X 600 active matrix TFT Transflective color display (indoor & outdoor, including direct sunlight),  Color TFT (indoor) or enhanced HI-VIS TFT color display (indoor & outdoor, including direct sunlight)

• 128 MB RAM, upgradeable to 256 MB

• 10 GB Hard Drive, upgradeable to 20 GB

• Li-ion Smart Battery Pack (2100 mAh)

• One-year comprehensive warranty


• Provides safe, convenient, highly reliable docking for vehicles ranging from bucket trucks to locomotives to fork-lifts

• One-piece aluminum body construction for added reliability

• 2 serial, 1 parallel, 1 USB, and 2 keyboard connectors


• Made of heavy gauge extruded aluminum

• Can be bolted to a counter for maximum stability

• Enables the Hammerhead computers to have full connectivity via one USB port, two serial ports, one parallel port, one PS/2 keyboard port, and power.

• Includes an SVGA connector, which also can be utilized if the Hammerhead is equipped for external video


• Expands the single docking connector on the back of the computer to a standard I/O ports including two serial ports, one parallel port,    one SVGA video port, one PS/2 keyboard port, and one power connector

• Crafted from milled aluminum

• Utilizes a thumbscrew connection system for durability


• Establishes a link between the Hammerhead computer and office LAN

• Constructed from heavy-duty machined aluminum

• Automatically charges the battery while the Hammerhead computer is inserted even while connected to the network

• An integrated USB network adapter    provides speedy throughput with “plug and plays” convenience that allows “hot docking” to the network