Badge Holders Are A Fantastic Option

So many professionals nowadays live and work such incredibly active lives. Every minute counts and we are all looking for ways to enhance our lives while promoting our businesses at the same time. One great way to do both things at once is to order your customizable badge holders.

Retractable ID Badge Holders are a fantastic option if you are looking for practical promotional products because they are usually clipped or worn on the outside of clothing on a daily basis. They are great for any company that needs to keep security clearance with them at all times or for the employee that needs to constantly sign in and out of the computer using their security keys. When placing such keys on a lace lanyard that is generally worn over clothes, every time that the lanyard is reached for the consumer will remember your company name and logo. We’re talking exposure to your business hundreds of times throughout the day!

Of course, like most promotional products, the benefits extend out to a greater audience than simply the recipient and user. Just the mere act of wearing your customized badge holders while at your job increases your chances of getting your logo out there and into the minds of an incredibly large number of people. People pay attention to what we wear and what logos we adorn our bodies with and that is why promotional items like personalized badge holders work so well.

Another thought to consider is while you are out and about during your lunch break you are broadcasting your business to everyone around you. Many employees leave as they are, in uniform and all, during lunch breaks or trips to the store after work. A large majority also gets dressed for their job and then hops on some form of mass transit in order to get to work.

Meanwhile they are advertising your business for you! All of this because of an affordable badge holder. We have also had clients say to us that their imprinted badge holders have started conversations at unlikely places because someone recognized the business name printed on the holder. Those testimonials are exactly what we hope for for you and your company. That’s because conversations spark interest and every conversation can be geared toward gaining more clients and drumming up business for your company.

Speaking of price, check for yourself and see how inexpensive  badge holders really are. Whether you are interested in a custom designed, retractable holder shaped like a heart, or a more simple approach that is manufactured to protect your customizable inserts and to be worn with a lanyard, companies like Southern Girls Gifts keep low prices so that any company on any budget can reap the rewards of promotional products.

Order your badge holders to match your company colors and stay true to your business theme and motto always!


Principles of Animation

The principles of motion graphics and animation were created in the early 1930s by animators at the Walt Disney Studios. These principles helped to transform animation from a novelty into an art form. The twelve principles are mostly about five things: acting the performance, directing the performance, representing reality, interpreting real world physics and editing a sequence of actions.


Squash & Stretch

Any organic element composed of living flesh, no matter how bony, will show considerable movement within its shape in progressing through an action. In the language of animation these movements are called Squash and Stretch. A squashed state depicts the form either flattened out by great pressure or bunched up and pushed together. The stretched position always shows the same form in a much extended condition.



An audience watching an animated scene will not be able to understand the events on the screen unless there is a planned sequence of actions that leads them clearly from one activity to the next. Anticipation is the preparation for the action. Anticipation is also a device to catch the audience eye, to prepare them for the next movement and lead them to expect it before it actually occurs.



Staging is the presentation of any idea that it is completely and unmistakably clear. An action is staged so that it is understood, a personality so that it is recognizable, an expression so that it can be seen, a mood so that it will affect the audience. While staging an action, you must be sure that only one action is seen; it must not be confused by a poor choice of camera angle or upstaged by something else that might be going on.


Straight Ahead & Pose to Pose Action

There are two main approaches to classical animation. The first is known as Straight Ahead Action, in which the animator works straight ahead from the first frame of the scene. He animates one frame after the other, getting new ideas as he goes along, until he reaches the end of the scene. He knows the story point of the scene and the business that is to be included, but he has little plan how it will all be done at the time he starts animating.


With Pose to Pose, the animator plans his action, figures out just which poses will be needed to animate the business. The animations done with Pose to pose method have strength and clarity. In Straight Ahead Action, there is spontaneity. Usually both methods are combined in a way that the animations have clarity as well as spontaneity.


Follow Through and Overlapping Action

The animation of an extremity, such as a coat tail or floppy ears of a dog move to some extent independently of the character which they are attached to. The movement of an extremity depends on: the action of the character, the extremity.s own weight and degree of flexibility and air resistance. The principle of Follow Through states that the fluidity of the animation of these extremities is allowed to continue with its own speed and direction. Overlapping Action principle states that the different parts of the body figure should have a time lag between the movements. This helps to achieve a lot more fluidity to the animations.


Slow In and Slow Out

Slow in and Slow Out deals with the spacing of the in-between frames between the extreme poses. By grouping the in-betweens closer to the extreme poses, a spirited result is achieved, with the character zipping from one attitude to another.



The visual path of action from one extreme to another is always described by an arc. Arcs in nature are the most economical routes by which a form can move from one position to another. Arcs are used extensively as they make the animation much smoother and less stiff than a straight line for the path of action.


Secondary Actions

An action which supports the main action is called a Secondary Action and is always kept subordinate to the primary action. Secondary Actions are used to more emphatically depict the primary action.



The number of frames used in any move determines the amount of time that action will take on the screen. Timing or the speed of the action is an important principle because it defines how well the idea behind the action will read to an audience. It reflects the weight and size of an object and can even carry emotional meaning.



An action when animated, for it to be properly visible on screen, it is necessary that the actions are exaggerated. The use of exaggeration helps to convey the emotions or actions in a more convincing way to the audience.


Moving Hold

In an animation, where a character moves from one pose to another quickly, it is important to .hold. the extreme poses of an action for a couple of frames, so that the actions are visible clearly to the audience. This process is called a .Moving Hold. and is achieved by creating an extreme pose and exaggerating the same pose a bit more in the next frame so that the continuity of the movement is maintained while clearly depicting the extreme poses.



Appeal, implies that a character should have charm, pleasing design, simplicity, communication and magnetism. Appeal facilitates the emotional connection between the characters and audience. The audience can relate to a character, with a visual appeal, regardless of the fact whether the character has heroic or villainous characteristics.

Build Your Brand, Legally Speaking

Have you ever used your legal disclaimer to build your brand?

The first Web sites, appearing around 1994, had no privacy statements at all. There were no disclaimers from the legal department stating the company wasn’t responsible for anything, even things you thought they were responsible for. There were no “terms of use” sections outlining the legal implications of using the site, either. There was simply… a site.

Legalese fast became a necessity for most commercial Web sites. If Web sites and the companies behind them are different, why should all the legal statements read the same? I’m tempted to believe most companies cut and paste those boilerplate legal statements to cut down their workload.

Herein lies an obvious branding opportunity.

I once had to sign a contract before hiring an advertising company. In the final selection round, I needed to choose between two agencies. To be frank, both were perfectly suited for the assignment. The chemistry and skill sets of each were first rate. The final, determining factor was based on each agency’s contract.

The first company’s contract consisted of about a ton of paper. The 52-page tome bore text smaller than six points. It was packed with words almost unrecognizable to me. Obviously the company had decided to cover all the bases with its contract. And I mean everything.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive the other agency’s people-friendly contract. The language was easy to understand. The legalese was prefaced by “and now to the boring stuff which, of course, we’ve printed in the smallest type to make sure you can’t read it all.” The copy even offered subtle and funny comments about lawyers and the need for such a document. All in all, the contract communicated the fact that its authors and the people it represented were human and full of good humor. Interestingly, the contract managed to cover all its material in just 15 pages. It was even fun to read!

Which agency do you think I decided to go with?

Legal stuff, privacy warnings, disclaimers, and all the other necessary accouterments for today’s Web site are here to stay, no matter how much we prefer to avoid them. They don’t have to be written in a formal legal voice, as if the documents were only going to be read by lawyers. Regardless of whether we’re private consumers or businesspeople, we all like to be treated as human beings. If you can convert your legal documents into easy, fun-to-read pieces, you’ll break down a barrier between you and prospective business that 99.9 percent of your competitors won’t have cracked. The achievement makes your brand more human. It enhances mutual understanding and even empathy between your brand and its customers. Isn’t that the essence of good branding?

Would you hire a lawyer to craft your branding campaign? Unlikely. Why allow an attorney to control your brand’s all-important tone of voice? Let your brand speak. You can achieve the same legal protection and, at the same time, build that brand.


Tech Gadgets Dads Will Love: The Kindle, iPad, and Flip Video

This year, skip the predictable tie. Instead, make dad’s Father’s Day special with cool tech gifts that will keep him connected, informed, and engaged.

It can be challenging to find the perfect gift for Dad, but this year there are some great options. Get dad gifts that represent the latest technological advances by purchasing him Amazon’s Kindle, an iPad, or Flip Video’s Flip SlideHD.

The Amazon Kindle Makes Reading Easy

The Kindle, sold by Amazon, is a wireless reading device that makes reading anywhere easy. The reader, which operates on the same wireless technology like cell phones, can hold books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs. The Kindle can provide dad with access to hundreds of thousands of books, as well as a wide array of the most popular newspapers and magazines, which can be delivered to the Kindle before they hit newsstands.

The Kindle is lightweight, making it easily portable. It is just 1/3 of an inch thick and weighs 10.2 ounces. Despite its lightweight, the Kindle can carry up to 1,500 books, and it has additional features dad will appreciate. Its anti-glare technology allows for easy reading outside, even at the beach. It also has a text-to-speech function, meaning dad can switch from reading a text to listening to it with the touch of a button. To support his activities, the Kindle also features a built-in dictionary and encyclopedia.

The iPad’s Multi-Touch Screen Provides Dad with Multiple Functions

The iPad has an amazing array of functionality that makes it more than a reader. In addition to reading popular books, magazines, and newspapers, the iPad enables dad to browse the internet, watch videos and movies, and organize photos. It will also give him access to over 200,000 applications designed specifically for the iPad.

The iPad’s 9.7-inch screen has a high resolution, LED-backlit IPS (in-plane switching) display. The IPS display means that dad can turn the iPad any way that he wants to and his content will rotate accordingly, orienting itself in portrait or landscape mode.

The size of the iPad can be problematic for some. Its 9.7-inch screen makes it difficult to put in a pocket. If dad already carries a briefcase or backpack to work, the iPad will fit in either nicely. If he prefers not to carry these items, finding a suitable carrying case will be important.

Flip Video’s Flip SlideHD Allows Dad to Capture Memories

The Flip SlideHD is Flip Video’s latest pocket camcorder. The device records up to 4 hours of video in HD, with the simple touch of a button. The FlipShare software, which comes with the camcorder, allows dad to upload his videos and pictures to his PC or MAC. There he can view or edit his work. Video can also be uploaded directly to popular social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. The Flip SlideHD holds 12 hours of video, movies, photos, and Flip Channels, so dad can enjoy videos wherever he goes.

Gifts of Technology are Great Father’s Day Gifts

Indulge dad’s love for technology and gadgets this Father’s Day. Let him play with and enjoy the latest technology. He will be able to read, capture and watch videos and movies, take and edit pictures, and interact with the web as he never has before.

How to Prevent the Onset of Macular Degeneration

How to Prevent the Onset of Macular DegenerationMany people do not treasure their eyesight, until the condition of their eye sight changes. Your changes may be caused by aging, diabetes, or lack of nutrients in your diet. Keeping your eyes healthy can be challenging when you are experiencing other health issues.

However, you have to work on improving your current vision and protecting the level of eyesight that you currently have. If you wear contact lenses, you have to see an eye care professional regularly and wear contact lenses with maximum UV protection. Nutrition, too, plays an important role in maintaining optimal eye health. Here are some important tips to help you support the health of your eyes.

bilberry promotes eye healthIncorporate Bilberry in your diet

Bilberry is a bright blue berry that is a similar in appearance to cranberries and blueberries. Bilberry can help ease eye tissue inflammation. The flavonoids in the bilberry named anthocyanosides protect the collagen and blood vessels in your eyes. Bilberry is used to help prevent floaters in the eye, macular degeneration, and hardening of the arteries of the eye. You can use bilberry daily in an extract, juice, whole, or tablet form to prevent eye fatigue. If you find a source of local fresh bilberries, freeze them to enjoy throughout the year. Berries can be quickly thawed and eaten whole, made into jam, or frozen desserts. Use extreme care when eating bilberries. The juice from the bilberry will stain your clothing and carpets. Bottled bilberry juice can be found in health food stores.

Boost your Vitamin C levels

Vitamin C-rich fruits for eye healthIn order to function properly, your eyes need significant levels of vitamin C. The eyes hold the most concentration of vitamin C in the human body. Vitamin C encourages wounds and abnormalities to heal in the cornea. If you have glaucoma, vitamin C may relieve pressure that you feel in your eyes. Although macular degeneration has no cure, taking Vitamin C is a great preventative treatment. Taking vitamin C regularly can delay the onset of macular degeneration. The U.S. RDA suggests that all adults should take at least 60 mg of Vitamin C every day. A daily healthy dose of Vitamin C supplements promotes eye health, so does a diet rich in Vitamin C-rich food. So stock up on  broccoli, kale, kiwi fruit, orange, lemons, green peppers, and red peppers because these fruits and vegetables all contain high amounts of the vitamin.

Don’t take vision problems lightly

Speak with your doctor regarding any sudden changes in your vision. If you are experiencing eye floaters or flashes of light, have your eyes checked by an experienced ophthalmologist or optometrist.  Your doctor may prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses. Wearing prescription eyewear requires a period of adjustment at first and may not fully address your vision problems. But having some vision is always better than very dim vision or total vision loss. And of course, you have the option to wear contacts that use a unique color-blending technology to make your eyes more vivid. Use these tips to help keep your eyes as healthy as possible.

Product Specifications- Hammerhead RT

The Hammerhead RT is the seventh generation of WalkAbout’s rugged tablet PCs. This product is a Windows-based lightweight tablet PC, and it’s intended for users who require protection from their daily tasks in harsh environmental conditions.  It has magnesium housing and molded rubber bumpers for additional protection which makes it extremely reliable.

Some of the Hammerhead RT’s features are 933MHz Intel Processor, GPS, GPRS, internal radio options etc.

Both models offer integrated ethernet and a Type III PCMCIA slot that accommodates up to two Type II PC or Cardbus cards and sealed doors that maintain the units’ IP64 rating.


• 256 or 512* MB SO DIMM module             • 20 or 40* GB shock-mounted rotating hard disk


• 10.4″ SVGA 800×600 or XGA 1024×768 active matrix color displays:

• Transmissive for indoor applications
• All-Vis technology for both indoor and outdoor (direct sunlight) applications

• Proximity sensing high-resolution electromagnetic digitizer using an active pen

• Chemically strengthened glass; No surface coatings that can be damaged or wear with use

• More than 1,000 dpi resolution

• Tethered pen for right or left-hand use; Right and left mouse button emulation


• 10.4″ SVGA 800×600 or XGA 1024×768 active matrix color displays:

• Transmissive for indoor applications
• All-Vis technology for both indoor and outdoor (direct sunlight) applications

• The most durable resistive touch screen on the market

• 5-wire resistive touch screen input withstands 35 million activations in a single area vs. typical 1 million

• Drift-free operation during temperature changes


• Integrated speaker, AC ’97 Rev 2.2 compliant

• The stereo signal via docking*


• Size: 11″ x 8.25″ x 1.6″        • Weight: 3.9 lbs


• Memory-free “smart” Li-Ion battery technology provides accurate power gauge and controlled charging for maximum battery efficiency

• Batteries are hot-swappable for uninterrupted use

• Universal AC adapter*:  110V – 250V 50-60 Hz

• Power management: Full ACPI 1.0 support

• Battery charges to 80% capacity in less than one hour

• Will accept 12V DC direct input from the vehicle


• Microsoft Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 for Pen

• Microsoft Windows® XP Professional for Touch

• Microsoft Windows® 2000*

• Phoenix Pico® Flash BIOS 6.0

• BIOS and firmware user-upgradeable with fail-safe

• BIOS and firmware user-upgradeable with fail-safe


• Designed to MIL-STD-810F and IP64


• Operating temperature:  -15°C to 60°C

 Boot temperature: 0°C without LCD/HDD heater, and -20°C with optional LCD/HDD heater package*

• Storage:  -40°C to 70°C

Product Specifications Hammerhead

This product is providing a great economical solution, with its magnesium packing and shock bumpers, for users who need protecting from the extreme environmental conditions.

The Hammerhead has integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and slot for GPS or GPRS for great communication.

Pen tablet and touchscreen versions of the Hammerhead are offered with a 10.4″ XGA or SVGA Transmissive display, All-Vis SVGA Indoor/Outdoor display, or DRS’ new XGA Reflective display, which provides superior viewing in direct sunlight…or wherever your work gets done.


• 1.1 GHz Intel® Pentium® M Processor

• 1 MB cache

• System Bus 400 MHz

• Intel® 855GME chipset


• 512 MB or 1 GB*

• 40 or 60* GB hard drive

• Solid state flash drive or micro-drive*


• AC97 2.1 sound standard

• Integrated speaker


• Microsoft Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

• Microsoft Windows® XP Professional*


Pen Tablet PC Version
• 10.4″ SVGA 800×600 All-Vis (sunlight readable) or transmissive (indoor)

• 10.4″ XGA 1024×768 Reflective (bright sunlight readable) or Transmissive (indoor)

• Proximity sensing high-resolution electromagnetic digitizer using a passive pen

• No surface coatings that can be damaged or wear with use

• More than 1,000 dpi resolution

• Right and left mouse button emulation

• Tethered for right or left-hand use

Touch screen version
• 10.4″ SVGA 800×600 All-Vis (sunlight readable) or transmissive (indoor)

• 10.4″ XGA 1024×768 Reflective (bright sunlight readable) or Transmissive (indoor) 

• A most durable resistive touch screen on the market

• Withstands 35 million activations in a single area vs. typical 1 million

• Drift-free operation during temperature changes

• Higher electrical resistivity lowers power drain and extends battery life


• Operating: -15°C to 60°C

• Boot temperature: 0°C without optional HDD heater and -20°C with heater

• Storage: -40°C to 70°C

• 4-foot drop

• Mil_Std 810F, Method 514.5, Procedure I, Category 4 (truck) and 24

Ingress Protection
• IEC 520 IP65 against rain and dust

• 0 to 95% non-condensing humidity

WalkAbout Launches Powerful Tablet Computer That Goes Beyond Tough

SINGER ISLAND, FL Jan. 8, 2001 — WalkAbout Computers, the world leader in ruggedized “Pen-Based” mobile computers, announces the HH3, a new feature-rich 400 MHz Pentium powered addition to its successful HAMMERHEAD line of computer solutions. Designed for use in extremely demanding environments in-plant, in-vehicle or outdoors, the HH3 combines design simplicity, world-class performance, and wireless networking into a very compact, lightweight and easy to carry form factor.

“The WalkAbout HH3 continues a tradition of durability and uncompromising reliability ensuring our customers a high rate of return on their investment with us,” said Phil Marson, CEO, and President of WalkAbout Computers. “A lot of so-called ‘tough’ computer products today have basically evolved from consumer products. The HAMMERHEAD line was conceived solely for demanding customers. They are built sturdy and strong from the inside out and have, over time, become the product of choice when exceptional construction, durability, and reliability are important requirements”, he added.

Like earlier generations, the WalkAbout HH3 is milled from solid aircraft grade aluminum, fully sealed and vacuum tested to keep out moisture or dust, and ‘torture tested’ before shipping. In addition to a Pentium III CPU delivering 400 MHz of processing power, the new HH3 model offers 256 MB SDRAM, a 6/10/20 GB removable hard drive, 10.4″ HI-VIS enhanced TFT color display with pen or touch input, USB bar code scanning and dual Li-Ion hot-swappable ‘smart’ batteries with a choice of Windows 95/98/2000 operating systems.

“PDAs and other handheld devices have added to the acceptance of pen-based devices, but the limitations of PDAs and even CE units lead to single-purpose devices and a multitude of operating systems within the same enterprise. WalkAbout’s HH3 offers our customers the highly desirable intuitive interface and simplified form factor of a PDA with all the broader possibilities of a Windows-based wireless mobile computer,” said Ralph Thomas, VP of Sales. “Everyone is looking for the best and most economical way to get data to and from the field, but a solution that is quickly outgrown may not be the optimum choice for long term deployment and future application needs”.

Wireless communications is a driving force behind mobile computing and the WalkAbout HH3 is wireless ready today with integrated solutions for all of the predominant networks including Motient, BellSouth Wireless Data, CDPD, GSM, and wireless LAN’s. Additionally, by offering dual antennas, the HH3 is the only product of its type that accommodates a combination of wireless devices such as a separate WAN and LAN in the same unit. In poor coverage areas, the WalkAbout HH3 can be docked and automatically connected to a roof mounted vehicle antenna for improved signal reception. Walkabout’s elegant docking solutions are widely recognized as being the best available. Finally, the HH3 has a unique built-in “flex space” designed to accommodate proprietary OEM radios and other technology needed by mobile workers like the short-range Bluetooth radio standard.

The WalkAbout HH3 is available in a number of job-specific models so users can always have the right tool for the job. Indoor color, outdoor color, and indoor/outdoor monochrome displays are all available with either highly accurate electromagnetic pen or convenient resistive touch screen digitizers. Batteries can be configured for extended use on foot or for frequent access to vehicle power. Power management provides even more user selectable options. Rotating hard disk drives, flash drives, and micro-drives are also available to match the right storage device with the demands of each job.

“WalkAbout involved our Work Force Automation team in the design of their new HH3,” said Mike Kovash, IT Project Manager at Cox Communications. “I’m quite pleased with the direction WalkAbout has taken with the HH3. We can use the added processing speed and functionality, but with more than 2000 HAMMERHEAD computers already in service here at Cox, we’re especially pleased that WalkAbout again maintained complete backward compatibility between the HH3 and the peripherals that we already own. They really protected our previous investment with them.”

WalkAbout maintains complete control of the HH3 by designing, manufacturing, and servicing the HH3 in its West Palm Beach, FL facilities. The company has resisted the trend toward offshore manufacturing and OEM products as both approaches limit the ability to quickly respond to unique customer needs and to provide the highest possible level of technical support. The HH3 is backed by WalkAbout’s industry-leading service, which includes factory-direct onsite support, overnight “hot swap” replacement units, and the industry’s most comprehensive warranty program.


Products Specifications Vehicle

This system is designed for a safe and reliable docking for different types of vehicles, including forklifts, bucket trucks, ambulances etc. It’s installing is very easy. When connecting the peripherals to the Hammerhead, start by placing the computer on the alignment pins, then move the unit back and turn down the retaining latch.

Compact design for close spaces

One-piece aluminum body construction for added reliability

Printed circuit boards, not discrete wires

Built-in noise-reduction and surge protection

No adjustments, ever, for docking alignment

Built-in tilt swivel functionality

Spring-loaded turn-down latch for positive docking connection

Push button key lock (key only needed to unlock unit)

Legacy Compatibility

2 serial, 1 parallel, 1 USB, and 2 keyboard connectors

Built-in power conditioner boosts low input voltage for a vehicle to the ideal charging level

Built-in keyboard tray with adjustable angle

EFI tested

Breakout box with 6′ cable for convenient installation of permanent connections

Full-size standard connectors

Easy to mount with standard bases from all major mount manufacturers

Airbag compliant installation

Full warranty


Product Specifications


Hammerhead XRT is the newest addition to WalkAbout Computers’ tablet PC, that is running on Windows XP for Tablet PC. This tablet is designed for operating in harsh environmental conditions and receiving rough treatment. The Hammerhead XRT with its fast speed, low requirements for power, and long battery life, became the most quality rugged computer on the market.


· 1.1 GHz Intel® Pentium® M Processor

· 2 MB cache

· System Bus 400 MHz

· Intel® 855GME chipset


· 512 MB or 1 GB*

· 40 or 60* GB hard drive

· Solid state flash drive or micro-drive*


· AC97 2.1 sound standard

· Integrated speaker


· Microsoft Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

· Microsoft Windows® XP Professional*


Pen Tablet PC Version:
· 10.4″ SVGA 800×600 All-Vis (sunlight readable) or transmissive (indoor)

· 10.4″ XGA 1024×768 Reflective (bright sunlight readable) or Transmissive (indoor)

· Proximity sensing high-resolution electromagnetic digitizer using a passive pen

· No surface coatings that can damage or wear with use

· More than 1,000 dpi resolution

· Right and left mouse button emulation

· Tethered for right or left-hand use

Touch Screen Version:

· 10.4″ SVGA 800×600 All-Vis (sunlight readable) or transmissive (indoor)

· 10.4″ XGA 1024×768 Reflective (bright sunlight readable) or Transmissive (indoor)

· Most durable resistive touch screen on the market

· Withstands 35 million activations in a single area vs. typical 1 million

· Drift-free operation during temperature changes

· Higher electrical resistivity lowers power drain and extends battery life


· Operating: -15°C to 60°C

· Boot temperature: 0°C without optional HDD heater and -20°C with heater

· Storage: -40°C to 70°C

· 4 foot drop in case

· Mil-Std 810F, Method 14.5, Procedure I, Category 4 (truck) and 24

Ingress Protection:
· IEC 529, IP 66 / IP 67* against rain and dust

· 0 to 95% non-condensing humidity