About Us

Welcome to the WalkAbout Computers headquarters located in Singer Island, Florida.  Founded in 1989, WalkAbout Computers, Inc. is dedicated to the design, development, and manufacture of environmentally-rugged field computing solutions that will support the information management and analysis needs of millions of workers who perform jobs outside the office.

Our business philosophy is straight forward. We provide real value to our customers and we grow our business conservatively. We add overhead only after we have the sales to support it. WalkAbout Computers’ business approach is based on a sustainable effort founded in current sales with the ability to grow quickly to meet increased demand. We forgo the ability to field a large sales force and focus instead on aggressive R&D. This guarantees a continuing technological advantage. The approach has been validated as WalkAbout Computers has one of the largest installed bases of “high end” field computers in the utility industry. All this was achieved with profitability well above the industry average, no significant outside investors and very little long-term debt. We have not only designed our product to succeed, but we have also designed our company to succeed!

Every business commitment is a personal commitment, there is no bureaucracy to hide personal accountability. Our business philosophy is simple:

 Customers are partners, not opponents…Their needs are our priorities…Customs requirements are opportunities, not burdens…Results are more important than intentions…Treat everyone fairly.

Purchasing a HAMMERHEAD computer is not just buying a computer — it is investing in people who back the computer.