WalkAbout Launches Powerful Tablet Computer That Goes Beyond Tough

We take technology to extremes to provide you with ultimate reliability. Our tablet computers are built from scratch to handle shock, vibration, weather, dirt, humidity, liquid spills, damaging chemicals and more . Every design decision is based on improving durability and performance in the toughest environments. Other companies use off-the-shelf laptop parts and attempt to build ruggedness around them. But real reliability is built from the ground up, component by component. There are no shortcuts to extreme reliability.

Simplicity reduces the opportunity for failure. WalkAbout's computers are the essence of simplicity both inside and out. There are no hinges, flaps, or plugs...nothing to open, close, bend or break. Passive thermal management eliminates vents and cooling fans. Every computer is fully sealed and vacuum tested. Nothing gets into our computers but your vital information. Intuitive touch screen technology eliminates clumsy and difficult-to-use keyboards. WalkAbout's lightweight, rugged designs make our computers easy to operate while sitting, standing, walking or even lying down. And with our simple, sturdy docking stations or integrated wireless modems you're assured of fast, accurate data transfer...from wherever work gets done.

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With computers so simple, so mobile, so durable and yet so powerful, WalkAbout increases productivity while improving the accuracy and flow of your information. No more copying data by hand. Clerical errors and costs are reduced. The seamless transfer of your most important business data saves time, personnel and space.  Your customer service improves as information moves freely to and from the fingertips of your business.

As for our customer service, we're ready when and where you need us. We do all we can to protect your investment in WalkAbout through exceptional warranties, backward compatibility and the ability to upgrade products. Our team of service providers is the best in the business. A real person with real knowledge answers every call. And if on-site service is required, we're ready to go. Because it's not enough just to know the technology, we go to extremes to understand the realities of your business and provide the support you need.